Nortnewydd Sproodles Blog

January 4th 2020 - Our first blog of 2020 will be to share some great news! 

As most of our lovely followers will know at Nortnewydd we strive to promote the Sproodle breed. We want them to be known and recognised not as a breed that is a “fashion statement” or a “designer dog”, but a breed with a purpose, a breed that fulfils its breed description as an intelligent, biddable companion, a trainable dog with energy and bounce that strives to please.

You will also know that we have in recent years been able to offer our puppies to homes that require their dog to be slightly more than a “pet”. We have homed our puppies to assist children with Autism, Hearing difficulties, dogs to become PAT Dogs, School Dogs and Reading Dogs. So when James Thorpe contacted us for a puppy we embraced his request.

James suffered a tragic spinal accident in 2016 that changed his life permanently and as part of his ongoing rehabilitation plan he has decided on a Sproodle to be his friend, companion and at times his legs! We are super excited to announce that James is going to be writing a blog for us about his adventures, trials and tribulations with “Alan” his new Sproodle puppy who he is collecting in this January! To read James’s story see the link below;


Click here to see James's Vlog and Blogs on his Facebook Page;




Welcome to our blog page! New for 2020! We will be welcoming guest bloggers, and adding our own regular blogs about our dogs and their antics! 

You can follow James and his story on instagram here