Puppy Culture's sentiment starts with the base line that as a breeder I am not just "breeding dogs", I am putting new relationships into the world.

To have a good relationship between anyone and any species both parties must speak a common language and have a voice. Therefore we are using a mixture of our own tried and tested enrichment and Puppy Culture Protocols, which are scientifically proven to provide health and socialisation benefits to our puppies to ensure they can go out into the world and form lasting and positive relationships with people and the world around them. Please click the link to read about the experts in their field who have formulated Puppy Culture and their credentials. 

When you consider that most dogs in rescue centres worldwide are there for behavioural issues, it would be completely irresponsible as a breeder to do anything other than make the most of those vital few weeks which can shape a puppies whole life. Puppy Culture allows breeders and owners to enrich, empower and share the super journey that is Puppy Culture and your puppies can then benefit from the life skills and tools that it equips them with.

We will work on a multitude of areas with our puppies from startle responses and resource guarding to clicker training. We introduce them to litter training, crates, travelling, handling, people and other animals to name but a few examples and in the process teach them that the world is a fun and pleasant place. It is an interactive and inclusive programme and we highly recommend that our owners embrace it and continue the journey when the puppies leave us.

If you follow our Facebook page you will see videos of our training in action, and our reviews speak for themselves. As the makers of Puppy Culture say "The proof is in the puppies".

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