Colour Guide

The Merle colouring is controversial, and I want to explain the facts around it to alleviate any concern around our breeding practices.  

The Merle gene can cause health issues. If you breed two dogs together that are Merle then the resulting puppies can suffer serious health issues. 

Merle is a coat pattern, and it is not always easy to spot, even if a dog does not look Merle to the human eye, does not mean that it is not Merle in its genes. 

So when two dogs are bred together it is crucial that the breeder has a full and clear understanding of the genes prior to mating. 

Certain dog breeds are known to have Merle in their coat pattern. Border Collies for example, are often Merle. 

However, we breed Sproodles. Springer Spaniel x Poodle. Springer Spaniels are NOT Merle. Historically they never have been, it is not a colour pattern seen in the breed at all. 

Therefore when we cross a Merle Poodle with an English Springer Spaniel, we know that we can do this without fear of producing puppies that suffer as a result. 

Having knowledge, understanding, facts and data is what makes good breeding decisions, and we have been breeding Merle Sproodles for more than a decade without issue. 

Sadly there are many people using Merle in their breeding programs with little or no understanding of how it affects the puppies they are breeding, however in an F1 Sproodle there will be no issue relating to the Merle gene. 


Blue Phantom Merle Sproodle

Blue Phantom Merle

Blue Merle Sproodle with Phantom Markings, which refers to the tan colouring.
Blue Parti Merle Sproodle

Blue Parti Merle

Blue Parti Merle Sproodle. The "Parti" refers to the white areas of his coat.
Blue Merle Sproodle

Blue Merle

Blue Merle Sproodle (no phantom markings)
Brown Phantom Merle Sproodle

Brown Phantom Merle

Brown Merle Sproodle with Phantom Markings, which refers to the tan colouring on his face and legs.
Brown Parti Merle Sproodle

Brown Parti Merle

Brown Parti Merle "Parti" referring to the white markings.
Tri Colour Sproodle

Tri Colour

Tri Colour Sproodle, black and white with tan markings.
Black Sproodle


Black Sproodle, they usually have white markings around the throat, toes and tip of tail.
Black and White Sproodle

Black and White

Black and White or Black Parti Sproodle
Brown Sproodle


Brown Sproodle, usually have white colouring on their throats, toes and tip of tail.
Brown and White Sproodle

Brown and White

Brown and White or Brown Parti Sproodle
Brown Merle Sproodle

Brown Merle

Brown Merle Sproodle
Apricot Sproodle


Apricot Sproodle, can also have a Parti coat, mixed with patches of white.