About Sproodles

We are combining the happy, wagging, biddable spaniel, with the intelligent and agile poodle.  Both breeds are active, friendly, loyal breeds, whom love water and interaction.  Both breeds are known for patience with children making them a fun family pet.  The Poodle has a non-moulting coat which when crossed with a Spaniel produces a very low moult coat, that maybe more suitable for people with allergies.

Click HERE to watch our tutorial on the breed characteristics, this will give you an insight into what living with a Sproodle will be like! 


 They will grow to no more than average knee height, weighing approximately 12-15 kilo's.

As adults they require around an hour's exercise per day and they prefer a home with other dogs and human company most of the time.

Like all dogs they are not suited to being left alone for long periods, and they are not suited to outdoor living quarters. These dogs love a sofa and a snuggle!

They will live in harmony with other animals, cats, rabbits and small mammals and they adore children.

Sproodles generally love swimming and all things wet! That includes muddy puddles and stinky ponds!

They come in variety of colours including black, brown parti and Merle. 

Their coats can have a relaxed curl, be wavy or straight, they usually look curlier as pups.  It is described in the "doodle" world as a fleece type coat. 



 The coat will require maintenance, as although low to non moulting it can grow to between 4-7 inches.  Clipping will be required.  Grooming will be needed.

As a breed they can be prone to sensitive stomachs a good quality balanced complete food is important.


Joe has written a poem about his Sproodle Tasha and had it published in a book called Bust a Rhyme.
The poem goes like this: 
My Dog
My dog is called Tasha
She is a spaniel mix
She is but one year old
And is still quite full of tricks
She will fetch a ball back
And once she pinched my tea
She stole the washin off the line
But that's ok with me!
Her birthday is on Halloween
My mum calls her a witch
She is so very naughty
But I love my little bitch.

I think that just about sums up Sproodles!!!