Buying a Puppy

Before contacting us to be placed on our waiting list please ensure you have researched the breed. To do this you need to understand both English Springer Spaniels and Miniature Poodles. The traits and characteristics from both breeds can, and will, be evident in a Sproodle Puppy.

A good source of research is our Facebook Page where many owners post pictures, swap information and ask questions of other owners regarding their dogs. Once you are sure you have the time and energy for a Sproodle then you are welcome to complete our waiting list application HERE  

Click HERE to watch our online buying guide.

Once you have been added to the list we will send out emails, based on chronological order, when we have puppies born. At this time we will let you know what we have in terms of gender and colour. We will also offer you a viewing appointment, which will be when the puppies are around 5-6 weeks of age. If a particular time frame doesn't suit, you can be re added to the list for a later litter.

At the viewing appointment you will meet us, our dogs, the parents and of course the puppies. We will also meet you, and the potential family members that the puppy will be living with and reliant upon for his/her daily care. It is important that ALL family members are committed to the new arrival, having a puppy will affect all members of your home and it has to be a joint decision.

At this stage, if everyone is happy to proceed, and there is a suitable puppy for your lifestyle and home life you can leave a deposit for that puppy and arrange to collect him or her at the 8 week mark.

At this point I will send you an information email, containing a puppy guidance pack and all the relevant details for your chosen puppy. The guidance pack is a comprehensive document containing information on all aspects of having a puppy, from training to grooming, socialisation and development and a shopping list of the items you will need to purchase for your new arrival.

You will also receive log in details for our Sproodles Owners Hub specifically for those of you who have one of our babies! There is a wealth of information on the hub, and it will hand hold you through the preparation, arrival and settling in of your new puppy.

Our owners are also enrolled on the online Puppy Training course "The Puppy Pod". This is free of charge, and will help to support you to raise and train your puppy to be a happy, balanced dog. 

We take note of gender and colour preferences, however we always try to match the right puppy to the right homes. We evaluate the individual personalities of our puppies and advise potential new owners so that the right long term match can be found.

We advise that puppies are collected early to mid morning on the day of collection. This allows you to get your puppy, home and settled, before their first night in a new environment. When visiting us, please respect our neighbours and do not use their driveway for parking or turning.

Whenever possible we ask you not to bring your dog to a viewing. As a breeder we cannot risk cross infection, especially when we have young puppies in our home.

We ask you to consider whether bringing young children (under 6) to view the puppies is necessary. Children are excitable and managing them whilst viewing a litter can be distracting for parents. Whilst we understand that introducing a puppy to your family is an exciting time for everyone, all the logical and sensible questions you need to be asking me get forgotten in the excitement!!

Puppy Prep
  • Our puppies leave us having been fully treated for fleas and worms.
  • They will also have a flea/worming dropper applied on the day they leave covering them for a further 4 weeks.
  • They are insured for 4 weeks.
  • They are microchipped and registered to you.
  • They have their first vaccination. 
  • They will have undergone our Puppy Profiling Program to observe their behaviours to enable you to train effectively and to help match them to you. 
  • They leave with a blanket with their litter mates scent on to comfort them when settling into their new home.
  • They are vet checked and have a stamped veterinary certificate.
  • They are raised using proven socialisation techniques developed across the 16 years we have been breeding Sproodles. 
  • You will have private access to our "owners hub" video tutorials.
  • You will be enrolled onto The Puppy Pod Online Training Course for new Puppy Owners, it is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of Puppy Parenting.
  • Access to a private Facebook Training and Support Group where I host LIVES on training your puppy, so we can continue to support you through those early weeks. 
  • Contract of sale.
  • Copies of both parents health testing.
  • Opportunity to meet both parents.
  • Food and treats pack.